New JSSRR President's Address


JSSRR President

Toshihiko Yokoyama

I have been appointed to the Chairman of the JSSRR (The Japanese Synchrotron Radiation Research) from October 2021 to September 2023. As a chair of the JSSRR, I would like to give some possible contribution to further development of synchrotron radiation science that supports extremely wide regions of scientific, technological, and industrial fields. Succeeding to the concept of former Chair Prof. Asakura, I would like to develop academic society activities in cooperation with synchrotron radiation facilities in Japan, further extension of synchrotron radiation users, international cooperation, and training of young scientists and technicians.

Since last year, digital transformation (DX) has been set as a priority issue of the Japanese government. The remote and smart scientific measurement techniques, research data accumulation and openness, and utilization of data science have been hopefully expected, also due to the COVID-19 disaster. Although it may have been recognized that research data are the property of the researcher carrying out the research, a guideline has been issued that research data obtained at governmental expense should widely be available. Under the leadership of former Chair Asakura, big efforts to automate and smarten scientific measurement techniques are already being shared at each Japanese synchrotron radiation facility. Specific guidelines are being issued, and research data accumulation has also been partially examined and promoted. Although it may take a long time for the accumulation, structuring, and openness of synchrotron radiation research data to achieve their utilization, I am sure that the policy will definitely give researchers an invaluable advantage. In synchrotron radiation science, active cooperation of synchrotron radiation users, mainly those of synchrotron radiation facilities, and the Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation will be desired to the research data accumulation, structuring and sharing at an early stage.

There should be various other issues that the JSSRR will tackle, and we will consider the following, including the ongoing concerns from the former president.

  • Active cooperation on human resource development involved in synchrotron radiation research technology and data science.
  • Recommendations to the Japanese government to maintenance of aging facilities and upgrades for the improvement of international competitiveness, considering the balance between supply and demand of synchrotron radiation facilities.
  • Promotion of collaboration between different fields to extend the area of synchrotron radiation science. In particular, promotion of collaboration with various quantum beam academic societies.
  • Various kinds of supports for the Tohoku Synchrotron Radiation Facility.
  • Promotion of cooperation with the Asia-Oceania Forum (AOF). As a representative of the synchrotron radiation community in Japan, JSSRR will keep the leadership in Asia-Oceania region and actively cooperate in holding the Asia-Oceania SRI International Conference.
  • The ideal way of annual meetings and seminars in consideration of the COVID-19 issue, and other meticulous measures for the management and operation of academic societies that contribute to the research activities of academic members.

I would like to do my best to help further development of the synchrotron radiation science and JSSRR, and I appreciate your guidance and support.